A unique collaboration waterproof “hot spring bag” from Masterpiece and Kinosaki hot spring.

8 months ago

The bag brand master-piece delivers products that combine fashion and functionality at a high level. This season, they have already developed a novel down item in collaboration with Nanga that has attracted a lot of attention, and now they have realized another bold and unique collaboration.

Masterpiece have collaborated with Kinosaki Onsen, one of the best hot spring villages in western Japan, located in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture. The unique collaboration between the bag brand and the hot spring town has created a new concept functional bag based on the theme of hot spring tours.

A “hot spring bag” that is also perfect for the outdoors.

This unique hot spring bag features a charming silhouette with a colon and a roll top, which is just like adding a dry bag and a purse together creating a 2 in 1 function. As the name suggests, the theme is “hot spring tours”, so it’s ideal for changing clothes and carrying towels between multiple hot springs, and it’s a design that looks great while wearing a Japanese yukata and everyday wear, but thanks to its functionality we are sure that it will be great for general outdoor use too.

The main body is made of lightweight nylon, and Toray’s special microporous film is laminated with tricot nylon to provide waterproof functionality with high water repellency, moisture permeability of 8,500g / 24hr level, and water pressure resistance of up to 11,000mm.

This is a high-performance model that can be relied on even during severe weather changes outdoors.

YUMEGURI BAG  S   ¥9900 ,  L  ¥12100

It is a roll-top type when stored that is fastened with a foldable buckle, and the separate front pocket uses a YKK aqua guard fastener that has been treated to make it watertight. It has a dry buckle-like function that prevents water entering, which is a nice detail not only when visiting hot springs but also when spending time outside.

It will be available in 5 colors for each size. In addition to chic black and navy, clean saxophone, beige x green two-tone color, as well as a Kinosaki Onsen limited color white x red is also available. The size is W250 H240 D240mm for the S size and W340 H320 D280mm for the L size.


Comes with a ticket to visit the hot springs of Kinosaki Onsen!

Speaking of Kinosaki Onsen, it is known as a city that is loved by many writers including Naoya Shiga, and it is a hot spring village with a long history since before the Heian period. The current collaboration was realized in commemoration of the 1300th anniversary of the opening of Kinosaki Onsen.

At first glance, the collaboration seems like an unusual tag team, but in fact, Masterpiece’s own factory is also located in Toyooka City. For this collaboration between the two companies, not only the commemorative bags but also free pass exchange tickets that allow you to actually experience the hot springs of Kinosaki Onsen are included in the set!

There is also a leather pass case that comes with the “YUMEGURI BAG”. This pass case, which is based on the motif of the “Ichiban Fuda” that was once very popular at Kinosaki Onsen, is a one-day free pass exchange ticket for visiting the outdoor hot springs of Kinosaki Onsen, which is valid for 5 years (valid until 2026).

If you show your card at the tourist center in front of Kinosaki Onsen Station (in front of the station), you can exchange it for a free pass for one day, and you can enjoy visiting the hot springs without paying an entry fee each time.


Highly recommended even for city use!

When I actually experienced the Kinosaki Onsen hot spring tour with the “YUMEGURI BAG” as part of the editorial department, I felt that it was as light as a drawstring bag while it had the storage capacity of a tote bag. Since it is a roll-top type, you do not have to worry about the contents getting wet in the rain, and you can casually store your possessions, so it seems to be quite useful as a sub-bag for walking around town or when traveling.

Because it is waterproof, it will be useful as a bag-in-bag for storing dirty, wet, or unclean items during a trip.

In addition, the outer zip pocket is deeper than it looks, and has the capacity to store all valuables such as smart phones, wallets, masks, and keys.

Speaking of hot spring tours, one of the real pleasures is to eat hot spring eggs, hot spring steamed buns, and local beer. Kinosaki Onsen, which has a history of 1300 years and has a retro style surroundings, is full of other spots that you will want to stop by.

This “YUMEGURI BAG” is perfect for walking around the city while wearing traditional Japanese clogs and setta, which you can easily carry around, and you can put your items in it without worrying about them getting wet! This autumn, when tourists are returning to sightseeing spots, why not go on a soothing hot spring tour with this new concept collaboration bag.

From October 29, 2021, it will be on sale at the official Masterpiece online store.