The latest high-quality alpaca outerwear from Snow Peak x Inoue Brothers is here.

2 years ago

A new collaboration series between “Snow Peak”, which produces high-end outdoor products, and “THE INOUE BROTHERS”, which advocates “Scandinavian design” born from love for Scandinavia has appeared.

They have updated the Pure Alpaca to better suit camping, and also designed a variety of items such as knitwear, pants, pajamas setup, and balaclava.

Waffle Mock Neck Sweater ¥50600

First is a mock neck knit using baby alpaca. By knitting on a waffle fabric, a grid-like unevenness is created on the surface, not only ensuring great heat retention but also elasticity and breathability. It also works as a base layer for outdoors outfits during the winter.

Knitted Trousers ¥48400

By blending nylon with baby alpaca, any itchiness caused by the hair is reduced. This can also be used as a base layer, and the waist is equipped with a belt that can adjust the size one handed and a D-loop on which a carabiner can be hooked.

Knit Balaclava ¥16500

The balaclava uses pima cotton and a smooth baby alpaca fur, which absorbs water and dries quickly, to keep you comfortable even when worn for a long time.

These products are made by experts of the outdoors and the alpaca knit items are simple but excellent in their functional beauty that maximizes the charm of the natural fibers. They will wrap you in gentle warmth whether outdoors or spending time in the city during winter.