The long-awaited second installment of Levi’s x Porter tanker fabric tracker JKT focuses on the chest pocket!

4 weeks ago

The dream collaboration between “Levi’s®”, a leading denim company loved worldwide, and “PORTER”, a famous Japanese bag brand, is back again.

Following on from the first installment, this special collaboration item that boldly combines the iconic textile of “Speaking of Porter” into the base model “Levi’s® Type II Trucker Jacket” is a must-see for fashionistas who crave limited edition items.

LEVIS×POTER Type II Trucker Jacket ¥53900

The Levi’s truck JKT, which is undeniable in its immovable position as a leading part of American casual style, has been updated to a limited style in collaboration with Porter. The elegant and calm coloring that expresses the traditional Japanese color “iron navy blue” and the rescue orange inherited from the TANKER series is features on the lining.

For this limited item, the right pocket has been luxuriously updated, by adding a horizontal bi-fold wallet that is a standard part of TANKER models. Of course, it goes without saying that it is a high-spec wallet that is perfect for daily use.

Levi’s patch is placed on the name tag, and you can really feel the attention to detail. With the addition of the toughness of the nylon twill material that TANKER is well known for, you can feel the functional beauty even with this simple construction.

These collaboration items that continue to drive Japanese street culture forward will go on sale from November 5th. It is expected to sell out immediately, so if you are interested, you should the information available on the official brand website ASAP. /