“Air” down, not feathers. Check out this new concept for cold weather clothing.

3 years ago

This year is also seeing the emergence of many new types of outerwear. While outerwear that makes full use of cutting-edge technology from the use of down to batting is being announced regularly, a new brand called “Emulation” that adopts a new concept of cold protection that replaces down and batting has been born.

The embroidery outer, which employs an air unit system that utilizes air as a heat shield, is lighter than conventional down and batting, and has innovative functions such as being able to adjust the temperature inside according to the amount of air injected.

Componentized military coat ¥ 71500

This is a mod coat with an air unit system on the inner. The outer is made of cotton nylon and can be worn until early spring if the air is deflated. The casual design, which is rare for high-tech outerwear, is also an attractive point. Also check out the storage capacity that negates the need for a bag, such as a large pocket with a gusset and a game pocket on the back.

Air can be inserted by connecting the attached hand pump or mouthpiece to the filling port inside the air unit system.

The inner inflates by injecting air. By pressing the button on the filling port, the air can be released and the amount of air can be adjusted easily.

In addition to mod coats, they have a rich lineup of military and outdoor outerwear.

A large-capacity blouson with plenty of pockets. Since it is a non-color specification, it is also ideal for layered styles. Operation blouson ¥ 39600

A military fishing vest with excellent storage capacity. Operation vest ¥ 31900

Check out this next-generation brand that matches the present age, where sustainability is attracting attention, utilizing the most familiar and ecological resource of ‘air’.