A limited edition sterling silver Timex is here! Only 50 available, ready for pre-order at Beams now!

3 years ago

As I get older I am less inclined to be won over just by a product being limited edition, however this new timepiece is an exception, not just because of its limited availability.

Collaborations between TIMEX and BEAMS are hardly few and far between. There are many collaboration products in which the cost performance of Timex’s classic and the pop fashion methodology of BEAMS mesh perfectly together but this 18th iteration is a little different.

“STERLING SILVER”, which is 925 silver, is used for the case. It gives off a high-class shine unique to sterling silver, and as you wear it, it ages and changes over time. In addition, it is a manual hand wound model that is popular with fans of classic watches.

Of course, the specifications that are familiar to limited edition products are here, such as a triple-frame bracelet, and the logos of both companies on the back cover, are also present.


The price is higher than a standard Timex because of its limited luxury nature. However, it is sure to appeal to time piece collectors and its look and functionality are enough that I want what one, with or without the phrase “limited to only 50”!

Prior to the release in mid-November, they are accepting pre-orders at their online shop.