Chah Chah remakes Wrangler’s dead stock using sustainable processing techniques.

2 years ago

Chah Chah develops non consumable authentic, modern and humorous products. They have now decided to remake the dead stock items from the world famous denim maker Wrangle. Pants and jackets that incorporate sustainable techniques will be released.

Patchwork is expressed by laser processing.

Wrangler×Chah Chah Remake Denim Pants “LIKE” ¥35200 

The amount of water used is reduced thanks to using the highest quality laser discharge printing technology in Japan. The shade of indigo was created by laser processing without cutting the valuable dead stock fabric, and this also prevented leaving any marks from cutting the cloth that is often associated with remakes. The intricate stitchwork shows the high level of craftsmanship.

Wrangler×Chah Chah Remake Denim Jacket “LOVE” ¥52800

In addition, they have adopted a method that minimizes environmental impact, such as reusing the test fabric as an inner pocket without discarding it. Flowers and clover which is the symbol of Chah Chah is also embroidered. It will be on sale at the Chah Chah ONLINE STORE and Wrangler online store from Thursday, November 11th, so don’t miss out!