The unique pairing of plants and apparel by F-Lagstuf-F is back again. Don’t miss this one-day only event!

2 years ago


Since the previous collaboration, where the heterogeneous collection of plants and fashion attracted a lot of attention, it has appeared again across multiple seasons. This is the second collaboration between Kakusen-en, a cactus and succulent plant specialty store that has been in business for over 90 years in downtown Tokyo, and the street brand F-LAGSTUF-F.

For this collaboration, a one-day special event will be held on Saturday, November 13th.

It features a treasure trove of plants products that have been created with the theme of South Africa’s autumn-winter type plants, and is full of highlights such as collaboration with MASA SCALP and special pots by pottery pot brand hanch produced by SPICYGEM.

In addition, plants from all over the world selected by Kakusen-en will be sold together with original pots, as well as collaboration apparel and goods by Kakusen-en and F-Lagstuf-F will be on sale for a limited time.

Please check the following information for the details of the event, and get a numbered ticket (distributed from 11:00 to 14:00 on November 12th (Friday) the day before)! The lineup of items and events are of greater number than the previous collaboration. Whether you are interested in plants or not, it’s a fun day out!


■ Overview

Date and time: Saturday, November 13, 2021 11: 00-17: 00

Venue: FourStore 1-21-9 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-6455-0448

* As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, we will distribute numbered tickets and set a limit on the number of people and time limit for up to 10 people each time, for 30 minutes.

* Numbered tickets will be distributed at the store from 11:00 to 14:00 on November 12th (Friday), the day before the event.

* Although it is a numbered ticket, it will be a lottery, so they are not in numbered order.

* The numbered tickets will end as soon as they run out.

* Numbered tickets are not a guarantee of product purchase, but will be distributed for the purpose of reducing congestion and allowing customers to enter the store fairly.

* Only the person who has the numbered ticket can enter the store. We will refuse to enter the store with your companion.

* Please wear a mask when entering the store. Those who are not wearing it will not be allowed to enter the store.

* Please be sure to use the disinfectant spray installed in the store when you enter the store.

* The store will be entered on an hourly basis as a countermeasure against the new corona.

* Lining up from outside business hours will cause inconvenience to nearby stores, residents, and other customers so please refrain from doing so.

* You cannot enter the store even if you line up.

* Each person can only enter the store once.

* Those who cannot follow the staff’s instructions or who cause inconvenience to other customers are strictly prohibited from entering the store.

* Please note that we do not accept product inquiries.

* There is a limit to the number of limited items that can be purchased.

* Limited items are limited in quantity. Please note that they may be sold out.

* Open to the public from 15:00 to 17:00. You can enter without a numbered ticket during this time.

* When the store is crowded, you may be asked to line up at the store due to time restrictions.