A mix of old and new batting hoodies by BEAMS PLUS, based upon Sieera Designs classic model.

2 years ago

“BEAMS PLUS” have made a bespoke order of the classic “Inyo Parker” from “SIEERA DESINGS” that is known for producing heavy-duty items for the outdoor scene.

A classic item of outdoor wear that has been popular since its initial conception in 1971, while updating the details of the collar to fit more modern times, it retains the coloring and texture of the classic original.

Mountain Down Parka ¥41800

The “Inyo Parker” is characterized by its vibrant colors that shine in the outdoors and its basic and sophisticated design. This bespoke order keeps the stand-up collar of the time, but adds a gimmick that allows the hood to be stored smartly in the neck, making it easier to use daily.

By adopting 60/40 cloth material, which can be said to be synonymous with Sieera Designs, it is durable and highly water repellent so that it can be used outdoors, and it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The fact that it inherits the DNA of the original model with a long history also makes it very desirable.

There are 5 colors available and a rich lineup, so you can choose the right color to fit your outfit and mood. The batting uses “LOFTECH ECO”, a recycled synthetic fiber with excellent resilience equivalent to 600 fill power, and it is light weight, durable, and water repellent. Of course, it has excellent heat retention and is more sophisticated than it looks, so it is an item that you can use for a long time

Sales will start on November 12th (Friday) at BEAMS PLUS Harajuku and Yurakucho stores. If you like the outdoors, it is expected that these bespoke items will sell out quickly, so it is recommended to hurry to the store and choose your color.