Introducing the final Reebok Eighty One collection by Vainl’s Ookita.

2 years ago

Reebok’s special collection called Reebok eightyone is being developed by Mr. Kohei Ohkita, the designer of the Japanese brand VAINL ARCHIVE, which has previously succeeded in various collaborations. The latest lineup will be released sequentially from November 12th (Friday). 

Great items that are also easy to use outdoors.

CL 81 CAMO WV JKT     ¥16500

Reebok Eighty One, which is derived from the Japanese dial code +81, started in the spring and summer of 2020. The sophisticated design originating in Tokyo is very popular all over the world so any new releases become hot news fast, and this is the final chapter so fans of the collaboration series won’t want to miss out.

CL 81 CAMO WV PT     ¥12100

This time, they have adopted a lot of calm colors, and have a wide range of products that are easy to use outdoors such as fleece, setups, and sweatshirts. Among them, the jacket and pants incorporating Desert Night Camouflage = DNC are an ambitious item linked to the ’90s youth of the designer.

CL 81 FLEECE JKT     ¥16500

This is the last lineup of a hybrid of a famous global and domestic brand that creates new age sportswear. The footwear that is also always popular is on the cards so stay tuned for more information.