The third collaboration from Is-Ness × GraphPaper is about to be released! A Whole body reversible blouson made with boa fleece!

2 years ago

Founded on the keywords of contemporary technology, art, music, and fashion, the third collaboration between Is-Ness and Graphpaper, which fuses the power of tradition with a contemporary flair, is about to be released!

The first blouson from the two appears as part of this third collaboration. It a functional piece of outerwear that is cool even in the middle of winter, using a boa fleece that is perfect for the outdoors in winter.

The blouson is reversible and it is based on the fleece blouson released by Is-Ness in the past. One side is decorated with cotton gabardine, which is the original fabric from Graphpaper and has a beautiful luster.

In addition, the silhouette and design of the blouson it is based on have been updated in detail for this bespoke edition. While maintaining the familiarity of the original it has been updated enough to give it a limited edition feel.

Matching bottoms are also available. Based on the Tack Trousers from the previous collaboration, elements of the Easy Pants that Iz-Ness developed in the past are added.

It also uses the same original fabric from graph paper like the blouson. The voluminous silhouette shows various expressions depending on the movement created by the characteristic 2 tack design and it seems to bring out more of a three-dimensional appearance with this material.

It is like the two sides of the same coin, showing the true value of collaboration, where the characteristics of both brands are combined into one piece. It is scheduled to be released simultaneously in stores and online on Saturday, November 20th.

Graphpaper tel:03-6418-9402