High-performance batting and ultra-thin heater. New functional clothing label “Tank” is here!

2 years ago

The gadget wear label TANK from JOURNAL STANDARD relume is here. Mature clothing equipped with a heat system that can adjust the temperature, it is a perfect collection for the seasons when the change in temperature is often drastic.

Surprisingly sophisticated looks combined with a built-in heater.


For the first time they have adopted a sheet-like heater made of graphene, which has a thermal conductivity about 10 times that of copper and a tensile strength of 200 times that of steel. By combining with the hybrid insulation of Solotex® × Aerocapsule®γECO, they succeeded in producing clothing that can withstand the severe cold.


It uses a 5V output USB mobile battery as the power source, and generates heat in about 10 seconds on the low temperature setting of 45 ° C. It keeps you warm for about 8 hours. With 3 levels of temperature control that can be set up to 60-50 ° C, you can count on it in any winter outdoor environment.


This brand new collection features an ultra-thin heater of about 0.5 mm, which eliminates the bulkiness and weight common to functional wear that uses batteries. It has been available at all JOURNAL STANDARD relume stores and Bay Cruise Store since mid-December, and reservations are currently being accepted. If you’re looking for a unique functional new outerwear, don’t miss it.