Ships Any tag teams with NY-style provider “Mr. Mort”. Introducing collaboration wear made by Polar Tech.

2 years ago

SHIPS any is a brand from well-established select shop SHIPS, and they have announced a collaboration with Brooklyn-based photographer Mordechai Rubinstein-Mr. Mort. This will attract attention from the fashion world all over so we recommend you don’t miss out!

World renowned photographers work mixed with fleece.

Mordechai Rubinstein is well known in the fashion world as a street photographer and has many followers all over the world.

Inspired by Mordechai’s favorite outdoor brand fleece beret, there are three items available made from Polartec materials. They chose the colors and came up with ideas for the design and details. Everything is made in America and has a slightly nostalgic appeal.

berets ¥6490、vests ¥17930、pants ¥16940

The lineup features vests, pants, and fleece berets, which are rarely seen nowadays, which can be used not only as an accent but also as an impactful set up. Thanks to the simple design, you can create an outfit that is both comfortable and stylish.

Mordechai loves a certain outdoor brands fleece beret. The model that was sampled was introduced to the collection as a trigger for the collaboration.

The collection is vailable at SHIPS any Shibuya store, SHIPS any MEN stores and Ships official online shop. The comfortable and light Polar Tech fleece items reflect the stylistic sense of Mr. Mort. These items are perfect for outdoor use as well as in the city.