Beams exclusive L.L.Bean boots & tote. A bold new take on two classics from L.L.Bean!

2 years ago

As you all know, L.L.Bean is a long-established outdoor brand founded in 1912 in Maine, USA. In particular, Bean Boots that combine leather and gum sole and tote bags that use thick canvas fabric are all too famous.

The latest bespoke models exclusive to Beams has arrived. Expectations are high as this is a collaboration that has been well received every time!

Exquisite color balance from the bottom up

L.L.Bean×BEAMS PLUS&BEAMS BOY/ Deep Bottom Deluxe Boat and Tote ¥9900~15950

Keeping the sturdy canvas fabric as it is, it is finish in red or navy in a classical 80’s style! By further designing the bottom navy part the two tone balance has been perfected.

The convenient pocket on the outside as well as the design of the handle is also of note.

Handles and stitches are used to create a natural atmosphere.

It is available in three sizes: mini, S, and L. The L size (about 60.5 x 40.5 cm) is for camping and travel, and mini (about 27.5 x 18 cm) and S (about 32 x 26 cm) for everyday use are also available (* Mini and S are handled by Beams Boy).

To denote the collaboration, the name tags include the names of both brands.


Canvas material that looks great in the city!

L.L.Bean × BEAMS PLUS & BEAMS BOY / Deluxe Canvas Gum Shoes ¥22000

This is based on the 3-hole low-cut type that can be worn like shoes. The regular version uses full grain leather for the upper, but this one uses the same canvas fabric as the above tote bag for a casual look!

Of course, Bean Boots are also required to be waterproof and durable, so they are lined with leather to make them tougher.

The tongue part is navy, and the shoelaces are set in two colors in addition to black.

There are many natural colors because they are based on hunting boots, but there is no doubt that collaboration boots with pop colors will stand out amongst the crowd.

The size is in 1-inch increments, and in addition to 7 to 11 inches (about 25.5 to 29.5 cm), ladies’ 5 to 8 inches (about 22 to 25 cm) are also available. These would be great for a couples paired look.

The bottom and sole parts are made of highly waterproof rubber material, making them highly airtight to prevent water entering.

Both the bags and boots will be on sale in mid-December, and reservations are already being accepted at the BEAMS official online store. Make sure to check them out as soon as possible.