No need to worry about discoloration or odour. A new concept functional denim collection from the much talked about BRING.

2 years ago

Upcycling is the idea of not throwing away used clothes and instead making them new again. “BRING”, which pursues a sustainable future, has released a new denim collection. They have jackets and pants that can be used in the mountains, and tote bags that can be used without worrying about the color rubbing off.

Classics that you can keep wearing without fear of fading.

AnoDenim Jeans ¥19800

It uses original recycled polyester that uses some of the raw materials from collected clothes. Denim fabric that does not fade is used, and antibacterial and deodorant processing is applied. Combined with the quick-drying property of polyester fabric, this is very useful for outdoor scenes.


A fusion of authentic design and contemporary functional beauty.

AnoDenim Coveral ¥24200

In addition to reproducing the selvedge denim, it is equipped with a pocket that is just the right size to hold a stainless steel bottle. Although it has a classic design, it uses the same recycled polyester as the bottom. Even if you are moving around a lot, you won’t get stuffy, so it will be a great addition to your wardrobe for hiking and camping.


A denim body that wont rub off on your white clothing.

AnoDenim Totebag Large ¥14300、AnoDenim Totebag Small ¥11000

Next is a collaboration bag with theater products from Tokyo. Reinterpreting the basic boat-shaped tote, they have developed an L size that can be worn on the shoulder and an S size that is suitable for everyday use. Like the pants, this one does not fade and is woven with denim-like fabric at high density to give it firmness.

The new denim collection, which incorporates the functional beauty of outdoor wear into a basic design that fits daily, is now on sale. You can enjoy the beauty of items that don’t fade with time and are still made sustainably.