Dare to wear winter clothes that use the summer material Partex! From Fresh Service, a new setup with a two-layer structure.

2 years ago

By layering clothing, you can also layer the functions required for the outdoors. It is an essential piece of knowledge for outdoor enthusiasts, and it is a specialty of many, but the Fresh Service have now created outdoor clothing that embodies this spirit with just one piece.

It is a new model that uses the original fabric Pertex® Equilibrium that appeared in midsummer. Speaking of Pertex® Equilibrium, as introduced earlier in this article, it is a lightweight, highly durable material that boasts outstanding quick-drying and breathability.

In addition, it has moderate stretchability and water repellency, and is a versatile material that demonstrates its true value both in the city and outdoors.

So why is the best material for use in midsummer used at this time of year? By layering Octa® developed by TEIJIN on the lining, it has been updated to fall / winter specifications.

Octa®, which has eight protrusions on hollow fibers with holes, is a functional material that also has various functions such as sweat absorption, quick drying, light weight, and heat insulation. In other words, the outer fabric blocks the cold wind, while the Octa® inside absorbs sweat quickly during activities, does not accumulate excess heat, and always creates a comfortable clothing space.



Two types of blouson and easy pants will be released using this combination of fabrics. The deep charcoal heather custom-made fabric, which is made by applying a black overdie to the heather gray fabric, will also make a comeback this time.

It will be on sale at the same time in stores and online from Saturday, December 18th. Two pieces in one, it seems to be a new vision for winter outfits that tend to get bogged down in excessive layering.

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