F-Lagstuf-F re-imagine ASICS classic as a mountain boots-like coat shoes using Gore-Tex.

1 year ago

Crossover styles such as sports mixes and outdoor mixes are not transient, but have taken root as standard styles, and it has become common to seek a fusion of functionality and design in fashion. A new collaboration has been realized in this modern fashion world that we are sure will be a hit!

The coat shoes by Japan’s famous sports brand “ASICS” and the fashion brand “F-LAGSTUF-F” from Tokyo, which makes borderless fashion items without being bound by common rules.


This coat type shoe is based on ASICS’ masterpiece basketball shoes the “FABRE POINT GETTER L” released in 1983, with this redesign unique to F-Lagstuf-F.

In addition to the waterproof and breathable specifications thanks to using GORE-TEX for the lining, the upper is treated with suede in a sand beige color that has been repeatedly adjusted, creating a pair of shoes that combines functionality and fashion.

From the shoelace to the logo, the color is unified in sand beige like the upper, but the design as a whole is further consolidated by adopting black for the sole color. The GORE-TEX logo engraved on the heel is also a subtle accent.

This new pair of collaboration shoes from ASICS x F-Lagstuf-F features authentic looks and functionality like outdoor boots with the sporty atmosphere of a basketball shoe. It seems to be very useful not only for town use but also for use in the outdoor scene.

Available at the following stores from December 17, 2021 (Friday). Four Store、atmos、mita sneakers、Beams T、FREAKS STORE、Studious ASICS

■Four Store tel:03-64550-448 http://flagstuff.jp/