Recommended winter outerwear from 4 popular shops!

2 years ago

As the cold season gets into full swing, the demand for a new outerwear increases. So how can we choose one that can be worn from the town to the field, with a look that looks great in any scene as well as cold weather? In order to prevent getting lost in vast choice of outerwear available, we asked 4 popular outdoor shops to tell us about their top recommendations.

Outerwear recommendation from vic2

Kichijoji’s select shop “vic2”, which proposes an outdoor lifestyle, is a well-known store that boasts overwhelming popularity with its aesthetically pleasing selection, from camping to mountain climbing and bicycle equipment. Although the actual store was temporarily closed in the fall of 2020, it was reopened in the fall of 2021! We asked the store manager, Mr. Katsumata, about his outerwear recommendation for this Winter season..

Takao Katsumata / vic2 director

In charge one of the most famous stores in Kichijoji, which has also had a renewal opening recently, and proposes an “outdoor lifestyle”. He is a camping enthusiast who regularly visits the outdoors and enjoys a variety of activities.


Down hoodie from Teton Bros

Hybrid Down Hoody ¥58300

This is a high-spec down hoodie from Teton bros. It features a combination of 1000-fill-power water-repellent down with water-repellent treatment at the feather stage and a synthetic fiber batting thermostat that exerts an infrared heat storage effect. It does not easily lose its heat retention even when it gets wet, and won the Best In The Show Award from Gear Patrol at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Show.

Down is included in the hood and around the neck, and the cuffs are designed to prevent wind from entering.

The ribs on the cuffs make it easy to put on and take off even while wearing gloves.

“Im really impressed by this outerwear from Teton Bros, which can also be used as an overjacket in snowy mountains. Its strength is that it is highly waterproof and can be worn without worrying about rain and snow. It is also very comfortable to wear. I think it will be a big success this winter, which is expected to be colder than usual! ”


■ vic2 official website



Address: 1-8-8-1F, Kichijoji Minami, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

tel: 0422-24-6426

Business Hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday (12: 00-18: 00)

Regular holiday: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Outerwear recommended by Fridge

“Fridge” is a select shop along Setagaya-dori, where you can find edgy item that you can’t find anywhere else. It is a popular shop that has a wide range of outdoor activities, sportswear, and lifestyle items, and the store manager, Yonezawa, who is as popular as the shop itself, has selected one item that typical of Fridge that should appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

Yonezawa Maa / fridge store manager & buyer

She is the talented store manager of Fridge, a popular select shop in Setagaya. She has a great smile and is always laughing, and she is actually a mom with two children. You can also check her out on Instagram @ fridge.maa.


White Mountaineering x Taion Down Hanten


Her recommendation is a colorless hanten jacket co-produced by TAION, a brand specializing in inner down, and the prestigious White Mountaineering. It features a stress-free silhouette with adjusters on the sleeves. Smooth polyester twill is used for the outer material.

A carabiner with the White Mountaineering logo is attached to the back.

It is easy to layer because it has no collar like a hanten.

“Because there is no collar, it can be easily combined with high neck knits, hoodies, etc., and it is easy to wear with mufflers and stoles. In other words, it is easy to style! Of course, the lightness and warmth are also great. There is a soft luster like wool. It’s a little elegant looking, so I think you can wear it can be worn unisex. ”


■ Fridge official website



Address: 1F, Yamaichi Building, 1-22-5 Setagaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo tel: 03-5799-4786

Business Hours: Irregular holidays


Outerwear recommended by Moonlight Gear

“Moonlight Gear” is a popular outdoor select shop that is frequented by people who like to enjoy the outdoors regardless of weekdays or holidays. Not only the unique selection of UL (ultra light) gears and carefully selected gears imported directly from the United States, but also the space with information about mountains is great. Mr. Hattori, the manager of the Iwamotocho store, recommended his top pick for mountain lovers this winter.


Kenji Hattori / MoonlightGear Iwamotocho store manager

With a history of hiking, he loves various activities such as mountain gliding, and climbing. His aim it to enjoy nature through travel and activities regardless of genre.


Enlightened Equipment’s Apex Jacket

Torrid APEX Jacket ¥29700

ENLIGHTENED EQUIPMENT is a UL brand founded in 2007 in Minnesota, USA. The Torrid APEX Jacket, which uses synthetic down feathers, is lightweight at about 240g and boasts a soft comfort comparable to down. Moreover, it doesn’t lose its benefits even if it gets wet.

A drawcord that allows the hem to be drawn in to prevent the intrusion of wind is placed in the pocket, making it a lean and minimal design.

The surface has a strong water repellent finish that is not affected by a little rain.

“It’s so light that it makes me really happy. It’s very comfortable to wear from early autumn to winter, it has a wide range of use and can be worn from 15 ° C to 0 ° C, and it has high water repellency. It can be washed at home which is great for someone like me.”


■ Moonlight Gear Official HP


[Moonlight Gear Iwamotocho]

Address: 1F, Rokumaru Building, 2-8-10 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

tel: 03-6884-8143

Business hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (12: 00-20: 00)

Regular holiday: Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays


Blackbrick’s outerwear recommendation

“BLACK BRICK” is one of Kichijoji’s leading apparel shops that sells outdoor fashion and gear for everyday use. It is a well-known store with many fans other than only outdoor enthusiasts due to its innovative ideas, such as developing outdoor functional items with a fashion sense and planning events that attract garage brands. Their brand producer has introduced us to an excellent winter parka that boasts top class heat retention.

Kobayashi Mineyuki / Brand Producer

He has been involved in the apparel and outdoor industry for 20 years. He has a reputation for his unique selection of clothes, bicycles and gear, and launched Black Brick about five years ago. It quickly grew into a popular outdoor select shop.


Yetina’s pullover hoodie

Pullover Hoodie 「BLACK BRICK Edition21」 ¥25080

This is a special color model only for Black Brick, from the extremely warm sweatshirt brand Yetina. They have ordered two warm colors, Greige and Mocha, for this season’s model, which has a more sweat shirt like texture than before. It’s easier to match and follows a lot of current trends.

The brushed fabric made by their original manufacturing method is fluffy and boasts overwhelming heat retention.

“Having this sweatshirt means you don’t need an outerwear! The patented long-haired brushed fabric is easy to move in like a knit and contains a lot of dead air, so it boasts amazing warmth. From fishing, to staying in a camp or a car the number of fans who only want to wear Yetina sweatshirts in winter, is increasing rapidly. ”


■ Black Brick Official HP



Address: 1-22-5 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo Sunwood Kichijoji Flats 101

tel: 0422-27-5056

Open: Monday-Friday 12: 00 ~ 20: 00 / Saturday / Sunday 11: 00 ~ 19: 00

Regular holiday: Irregular holiday


That was our list of the top 4 outwear as recommended by specialist outdoors shops for this season. From the finest sweatshirts to functional and individual batting jackets, this is a selection of must see items. If you’re looking for a new coat this winter, which is getting colder and colder, make sure to check out these recommendations!