Goldwin’s new optoelectronic down JKT, which incorporates ski wear technology!

2 years ago

The domestic outdoor wear brand “GOLDWIN” are well known for their outerwear and shell jackets that originated in ski wear production, and this season’s lineup of optoelectronic down collection is another clear sign of Goldwin’s unique approach.

They have a lot of functional down jackets with high specs that incorporate the know-how cultivated in ski wear making and a minimalist design that is popular overseas.

GORE-TEX Hooded Down Coat ¥110000

The GORE-TEX Hooded Down Coat is a coat that provides excellent waterproofness and heat retention, with specifications that can be used even in the harshest winter environments, while incorporating a design that is easy to use in town.

The outer material is made of GORE-TEX, which is highly waterproof and breathable, and the baffle structure inside is shaped so that the down is concentrated in the center of the back to create a stylish silhouette.

GORE-TEX Down Jacket ¥99000

This is a jacket with high heat retention, finished in a minimalist design with a texture that suppresses luster. The outer material uses GORE-TEX INFINIUMTM PRODUCTS, which is windproof and breathable. It is soft and lightweight, so it is easy to move and comfortable. Plenty of photoelectron down that maintains natural warmth due to the far-infrared effect is inside.

Although it has a high loft, both the outer material and down are lightweight, and a down tube is placed around the hood mouth to prevent cold air from entering. Furthermore, if you pull the spindle of the hood to fit it around your face, you can improve the heat retention.

Down Cardigan ¥36300

Next is a down cardigan that utilizes the recycled materials ECOPET and GREEN MATERIAL. The outer material is chemically recycled polyester created by a recycling system. With moderate elasticity and dull luster with shadows, it has a very clean impression.

With a thickness of 20 denier, it is extremely lightweight, and thanks to the ripstop, it is extremely durable. The outer fabric is coated to provide water repellency, so it can handle a little rain. It’s compact and lightweight, and it’s nice to have a staff sack that’s handy to carry around.

Fly Air Down Jacket ¥38500

Next is a thin down jacket that combines ecology and functionality. Partex Quantum, a very light and supple ecological material, is used for both the outer and lining. It is characterized by its excellent down proofing property because it is a Y-shaped cross-section yarn in which threads are entwined with each other.

The baffle shows the curve of Goldwin’s brand identity “Spurline” that started from their origins in ski wear.

This is a high-spec optoelectronic down collection that takes advantage of Goldwin’s strengths cultivated in years of producing ski wear. Now that winter is in full swing, if you are looking for a ready-to-use outerwear that can be used both in the city and in the field, you should definitely check this collection out!