A jet-black mountain parka that uses eVent from Muraco’s!

2 years ago

Muraco’s first apparel line debuted this fall and winter season. A high-performance mountain parka has joined the lineup of outdoor wear that incorporates the consistent aesthetics that Muraco has shown in outdoor gear into a unisex design.

muraco「LIM SHELL JACKET」¥59400

Muraco’s “LIM SHELL JACKET” is a 3-layer mountain parka that uses the technical fabric “eVent” that is both waterproof to withstand heavy rain and highly breathable to prevent stuffiness.

In addition to a fabric with a water pressure resistance of 20,000 mm, a waterproof zipper and waterproof seam tape processing on the seams helps prevent water from entering. It is also very breathable and keeps the inside of the jacket dry and comfortable.

In addition, since it incorporates full-scale specifications as befits a mountain parka, such as a hood that can be worn even while wearing a helmet and ventilation under the armpits, it is a jacket that can handle all environments and weather from hard climbing to trekking.

This is a mountain parka with a black tone that is typical of Muraco, and looks equally stylish out on the town.