The North Face PPL’s latest collection is authentic urban outdoor wear that works in the city.

1 year ago

THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL, a collaboration line between THE NORTH FACE and the outdoor select shop nanamica, have announced their Spring / Summer 2022 collection. The finest outdoor wear that also looks great in the city have arrived.

Incorporate a well thought out fabric into a universal design.

The keyword for this season is heavy duty. In addition to durability that can be worn for a long time, a simple design, and functional beauty that pursues practicality, they have also introduced environmentally friendly materials and new color. They have developed an urban outdoor lineup that overlaps with the contemporary style. In addition, three topics have appeared under the theme of Heart of the Wind.

The Hybrid 65/35 Back to Classic features the brand’s core material, the 65/35 Bay Head Cloth. Starting with the universal classic Mountain Parka, symbolic items such as jackets incorporating fishing elements and oversized CPO shirts will be developed.

Heavy Duty Comfortable is a practical item that blends the design philosophy of The North Face and the mood of the times with lean functional beauty. They have a lineup of great items that age well over time, using materials that are symbolic of classic outdoor, cotton nylon grosgrain fabric and denim developed from threads.

Authentic Purple Arts, which is based on the manual work of craftsmen, is attractive for its unique processing. We would like to highlight this technical wear that stimulates the sensibilities of sticking to the core materials, such as cotton nylon ripstop that gives a realistic tan feeling unique to handmade products, and COOLMAX® that features a tie-dye pattern.

The excellent daypack is also released in 3 types of different materials and sizes. All have the same complete design and functions that are timeless. The latest lineup including clothing will be released sequentially from the start of 2022. Check the Nanamica website and be careful not to miss out.