The new high-performance winter wear “+ S” series debuts from UNIQLO! Our first hand impressions!

2 years ago

The new high-performance winter wear from UNIQLO called the “+ S” series for people who enjoy winter activities is now available. Collaboratively developed with top Swedish athletes, the items have been created with functionality and sustainable elements for sports and outdoor scenes.

UNIQLO has previously produced practical products that can be used for outdoor activities in winter, such as ultra light down and ultra-warm heat tech, so there wealth of experience raises hopes for this new series.

Therefore, we the staff of the GO OUT editorial department have tested this new series out in the field to give you our impressions.

High-performance jackets and shorts that look great as a setup.

Light padded stretch jacket + S ¥ 9990

Light padded stretch shorts + S ¥ 5990

The key items that represent this 1st season of the series are this jacket and shorts with batting. The specially processed light padding that does not require sewing the fabric is impressive, and UNIQLO’s first recycled PET bottles are used for insulation.

By using elastic weft yarn, it is light and easy to move in, and it is safe to use even in light rain because it has a durable water repellent finish. While the functionality corresponding to active scenes is great, the simple one-tone has an urban aesthetic, so it can be worn stylishly even in the city.

Each can be used separately, but they work best as a setup.

The jacket has a silhouette that fits to your body, but it has a perfect sizing that makes it easy to move even if you wear a thick base layer or sweatshirt on the inside. It is very light to wear so you can move actively. Also, the zip can be easily opened and closed even while wearing gloves!

The shorts are layered with leggings and stretch pants. The stretch tape at the hem, which is also used for the jacket, shuts out the cold air. Shorts are rare as a winter item, but when I actually wore them, I was surprised that they were very comfortable to wear and they can be layered with pants.

When I checked the water repellency of the outer material, water droplets remained on the surface and are easy to brush away. If this is the case, you can quickly put it on when setting up or withdrawing the camp site at a rain and snow camp, and it will come in handy even in a tent when condensation is a concern.


An active wear inner with heat retention and quick-drying is also available.

Wool blend dry T-shirt (long sleeve) + S ¥ 2990

A base layer made of a soft wool blend material that is soft to the touch is also available. The Freedom Sleeve, which draws a curve from the shoulder to the arm, responds to various movements and has excellent breathability and quick-drying properties, so you will not get cold.

Not only is it great for active scenes, it is an item that can be used daily as an inner for everyday wear, and it can be used as room wear because it has a relaxing feel.

This unique waffle knit has a natural and smooth feel that is different from Heat Tech! In addition to the dry functionality associated with wool blends, the mesh processing of the armpits effectively eliminates the stuffiness caused by sweating.


The 360 ° stretch pants with durable water repellent finish are also super comfortable!

Ultra Stretch Side Zipper Pants + S ¥ 4990

These pants are surprisingly comfortable to wear by using ultra-stretch material that stretches 360 ° in all directions while having a slender silhouette that makes them easy to walk in. They don’t feel strange when combined with leggings or putted shorts during winter outdoor activities. They are also treated with fluorine-free durable water repellent, so it doesn’t matter if it rains lightly.

Although it has a slender and neat silhouette, it has great elasticity, so bending and stretching is really easy. The name Ultra Stretch is not just a nickname. They also have a side zipper on the hem, so they are easy to put on and take off even if you are wearing boots.


A bag with a multifunctional pocket that is ideal for everyday use.

Functional backpack + S ¥ 5990

As part of the + S series, not only clothing but also backpacks are available. Moreover, it is a 35L large-capacity model, which is the largest in UNIQLO’s range, as well as being outdoor ready with a water-stop fastener and water-repellent finish.

There is a cushion pad on the back for comfort and breathability, and the adjusters for each part that can adapt the fit according to the amount of luggage you are carrying is also great. It doesn’t get tiring even if you carry it on your back for a long time, and it can also be used for a short trip.

Eight pockets are included inside and outside the bag, despite the minimalist design that can be used well for everyday life. It is also packed with functions that consider usability, such as a PC sleeve with flaps and side pockets that can store PET bottles neatly!


If you enjoy spending your winters being active outdoors, look no further!

The newly-launched “+ S” series is packed to the brim with items for the outdoors. When I actually tried them out on a low mountain hike for several hours, I realized that it was highly resistant to the cold, and at the same time, it was very comfortable even when I was active.

Moreover, the basic design and reasonable price that are typical of UNIQLO make the cost performance excellent. They have a wide range of products that can be used in the city, such as daily sports and training, so if you want to stay active this winter, you will definitely want to check this new series out!