A unique new Mountain Parka with built-in eco bag released from Remi Relief.

2 years ago

REMI RELIEF, is a brand which emphasizes quality rather than quantity and aims to design the ultimate American basics with attention to detail. They have created a unique range of eco-bag clothing that is on trend with current times when use of plastic shopping bags is reduced. This latest project couldn’t help but attract our attention.

A casual eco bag is added to a classic design.

Mountain parka ¥ 41800

The new mountain parka and ox pants released in January 2022 have eco-bags built into the left stomach area and right hip, respectively. The base itself is authentic and easy to match, but the bag can be expanded as needed to provide excellent storage capacity.

Oxford pants ¥ 23980

These two models are perfect not only for daily shopping but also for camping and gardening. Since you don’t have to carry an eco bag with you, it’s a very convenient for when you don’t want to carry small luggage. If you’re a fan of hands free living then you will want to add them to your wardrobe.

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