From Daiwa Pier 39, 2022’s second delivery of basic & outdoor spring / summer items!

1 year ago

From “DAIWA PIER 39”, which develops clothing that seamlessly connects the big city and nature, and attracts attention from both indoor and outdoor fashion lovers, the second SS line for 2022 will appear very soon!

The collection is divided into two categories: “basic”, which shines with a texture and simple functional beauty, and “outdoor”, which is perfect as tech wear for enjoying fishing and activities. Among them, the items with vivid coloring that has embodies the classic outdoors of the 80’s and 90’s are also noteworthy.

Tech Field Jacket ¥49500

The Outdoor field JKT lets you enjoy good old classic outdoor style such as coloring that blends perfectly with the outdoors. The details such as the tartan check of the lining that will appeal to vintage fashion lovers are also a key point.

Tech Canadian Fatigue Jacket ¥48400

Based on the Canadian Army field JKT, this item incorporates details such as pockets and length that are useful for fishing. The detachable hood seems to be useful especially in early spring when the temperature can fluctuate greatly.

Tech Sweat Hoodie ¥15400/Tech Sweat Pants ¥13200

A lean and sleek sweatshirt hoodie and pants setup will make your trip to the campsite, bedtime and lounging at home more comfortable. Small details such as the degree that the cuffs can be tightened give it an excellent fit.

There are many other items that you may want to incorporate into your warm spring outfits, such as colorful check shirts and windbreakers. This 2nd collection for Spring, will be on sale from January 22nd. Since it is expected to be very popular, we recommend checking early.

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