Who is ALDIES?

3 years ago

Who is ALDIES?

First debuting in 2004, as an accessory brand that primarily focuses on bags. Currently in addition to accessories they are also developing unique and highly functional daily wear. Items that are layered in both varying colors and fabrics with a unique visual appeal are gaining popularity with both genders.


Don’t miss out on ALDIES styling built on the foundation of HAPPY and FUN!

ALDIES collection is packed with fun and eye catching touches such as embroidery and patchwork. It’s really exciting to find details on items that you miss at first glance when taking a closer look.

Even a basic combination of sweatshirts and chino pants can be made unique and interesting with ALDIES fun styling. The size and silhouette balance is also worth paying particular attention to.

The bold design that means styling can be focused around that one piece is very popular with both men and women. The large silhouettes coupled with geometric patterns are a hallmark of ALDIES design.


An exciting space that conceptualizes ALDIES brand message.

ALDIES head shop is located on the second floor of a multi purpose building in Shibuya. The wide array of colorful items makes you want to search among the wears on display for unique treasures.


ALDIES line up is one filled with playfulness and excitement. This helps to set them apart from other outdoor brands. Why not try to add some HAPPY to your FUNCTION for your next outdoors adventure?

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