The latest collaboration between Levi’s and BEAMS is a super wide classic trucker jacket and jeans!!

2 years ago

Levi’s®, are a pioneer of denim, and BEAMS continues to lead fashion and creativity in Japan. The third capsule collection by both parties will be called the SUPER WIDE COLLECTION. Check out this slightly evolved silhouette from this collaboration of two industry giants.

Customizing the details horizontally.

Levi’s® x BEAMS SUPER WIDE JEAN     ¥29700

The base model for the pants is the 501® XX manufactured in the 1950s, and for the jacket the LOT 506XX, commonly known as the 1st. Three types of original print T-shirts are also available. Both have a horizontally long silhouette that is typical of BEAMS, and although they are basic at first glance, this collection is in keeping with current trends.

Levi’s® x BEAMS SUPER WIDE TRUCKER     ¥34100

The denim pants are stretched from left to right, and the familiar patch design that expresses the robustness is stretched wide according to the overall concept. This includes the details such as pockets and cinch back that is also stretched long sideways.

T-shirt     ¥5280

Now that the vintage boom is over, there is no doubt that new items will be more popular than their past works. It will be on sale from January 2nd (Sun) at BEAMS Japan and Levi’s® Harajuku Flagship Store. Don’t forget that it will be available at BEAMS official online shop and BEAMS handling stores from 8th (Sat)!