Needles re-imagines the classic JKT of a long-established work brand by incorporating pop colors into winter outfits!

2 years ago

Known for its unique design concept, NEEDLES has realized its first collaboration with the well-established work brand SMITH’S, which was born in Brooklyn in 1906. The authentic coveralls and painter pants that are synonymous with US style are brushed up for a more modern look.

Adding an exquisite accent to the impactful colors.

Coverall     ¥26400

The coveralls and painter pants, which are iconic items of Smith, as adopted by Needles designer Shimizu, are made with a colorful light twill with a strong 70’s look. The contrast stitch that shines on the base is effective for creating a more impactful finish. The butterfly embroidery is also a really noticeable detail.

Painter Pant     ¥18700

A total of 6 colors, including punchy colors such as red and purple are available. Not only as a setup and classic work style but mix and matching with other styles looks great. They are already sold out depending on the color and size. If you find a favorite, you should buy it immediately.