Snow Peak’s first sweatshirt collection is born. Eco-friendly and tough specifications for daily use!

2 years ago

Surprisingly, this is the first sweatshirt series from Snow Peak which has never been a part of their apparel lineup until now.

This collection is born from the brand’s own UPCYCLE COTTON PROJECT, which involves collecting and processes fallen cotton and cutting debris that are generated during production for each season into yarn. In addition to the raw materials, this is an upcycling collection of cotton products collected from users at stores.

Recycled Cotton Pullover Hoodie ¥14300

The soft material and slightly loose silhouette make it a relaxing design that removes the barrier between the living room and the outdoors. The tough fabric is attractive because it does not easily pile even after repeated wearing and washing, and it does not get worn out even when it is warn when camping.

Recycled Cotton Sweat Crewneck ¥12100

With a basic design that can be matched with any style, all items are available in three colors: melange-like oatmeal, heather gray, and heather black. The melange-like outer material reduces discoloration, so you can use it without worrying about the worn-out fading that is common to sweatshirts.

Recycled Cotton Sweat Pants ¥11000

It features asterisk one-point embroidery on the cuffs for both the hoodies and sweatshirts, and stitching on the back pocket for the bottom. With a moderately loose tapered silhouette, the hem has a ribbed design that goes well with shoes.

Because the sweatshirt is a staple item, it can be used for a long time without being influenced by fashion, and all three models are reasonably priced in the low 10,000 yen range. This new range of up-cycle models that can improve the global environment is scheduled to go on sale in mid-January 2022.