A unique new border shirt made from the dead stock fabric of a classic French Basque shirt.

2 years ago

The long-established brand “Le Minor” founded in 1936 has a history of domestic production for nearly 80 years, consistently sticking to production at its own factory in France, as well as being known as one of the world’s three largest Basque shirt brands. Using 90’s dead stock fabric stored in their warehouse, “CAL O LINE” has created a new border shirt with specifications not available in the current in house lines.

The oversized silhouette, the same width of the border, and the coloring make this a perfect balance of a classic Basque like shirt atmosphere but with a mature modern style.

Le Minor × CAL O LINE「Le Minor BRETON MARINE」¥21780

This is a limited quantity product using rare dead stock fabric, and the design is based on the Navy specifications that were supplied to the French army. In addition, there are slits on both sides of the hem, and labels of both brands are on the left sleeve. It is planned for release in only one size.

In addition to the sax x wine introduced above, the unique color lineup of borders, is ⬆ clockwise from the top of the photo, in four colors: gray x yellow, red x blue gray, and purple. It features a one size only wide body with a loose silhouette.