Who is And Wander?

4 years ago

Who is And Wander?

And Wander are an outdoors brand founded in Tokyo in the Spring of 2011. Designers Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori, who honed their skills while working at Sakai Designs, have taken inspiration from time spent in the Japanese mountains and fused it into their collection of clothing and bags.

The collection is only of products that they have extensively used in the field, demonstrating their effective use even in harsh outdoor environments.


And Wander combines smart, fashion and high functionality.

Functional materials have been used in the production of pullover style jackets, wrap skirts and pants.

Materials with high water resistance properties have been used so they are safe to use even in sudden downpours of rain. A specialty rain cover for back pack use is also available.


A store directly operated by And Wander that lets you enjoy the mountains and nature.

A shop directly managed by And Wander that is hidden away in a quiet residential district. In addition to the full brand line up they have a selection of mountaineering gear and books to help bring the feel of the mountains to their customers.

■And Wander  OFFICIAL HP    https://www.andwander.com/