Barbour x White Mountaineering. Battle ready clothing with full body patterns that add individuality to winter outfits.

2 years ago

Barbour is well known for the image of an oiled jacket, but in fact they have a series called WHITE LINE that offers a full lineup of knits, pants, shirts, etc.

They have collaborated with White Mountaineering for the first time in 10 seasons to create 2 new unique exclusive items.

HIKING JK  ¥93500

From the staple oversized series, the “HIKING WAX” has been redesigned with an integrated hood and large pockets on both the front and back. A zipper pocket on the chest and a waist pocket that doubles as a hand warmer have been added. The lining is made of jacquard fabric with an original pattern.


Based on the “TRANSPORT JACKET”, which is characterized by a loose and rounded silhouette created by giving volume to the width of the body and around the shoulders, this also uses the same original jacquard patterned fabric. A WM zipper pocket has been added to the chest pocket.

Release is scheduled for January. These 2 unique models have been designed to be worn in an urban and fashionable manner, while retaining the rugged essence of Barbour. These are ready to go items that can be added to your outfit now even if you have bought sufficient winter items.