Beams style Dickies with a military flavor that uses a stretchable poly material.

1 year ago

Work pants and cargo pants are widely regarded as a standard trouser for daily casual wear. “Dickies” by “BEAMS”, is a collaboration that fuses the identities of the two companies.

This is an unprecedented design that blends work and military elements.

Loose Polyester Cargo Pants ¥13200

Based on the silhouette of Dickies’ popular model the Double Knee Work Pants, the material is 100% polyester natural stretch material. Combined with the thick silhouette and easy waist specifications, they are comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time.

They feature cargo pockets with removable Velcro flaps. By removing the double knee patch, the image of the cargo pocket is enhanced and at the same time it gives a stylish impression.

The BEAMS logo is printed on the back of the waist.

The Dickies signature label placed above the back pocket is removable. Like the logo print above, the casual details highlight the playfulness of BEAMS.

The lineup includes two colors, beige and black.

These collaboration pants, which combines the essences of both work and military and are comfortable thanks to the polyester material, is accepting reservations for release in early February. The basic design is full of small details, and the easy styling and versatility is a plus.