Goldwin’s new spring Gore-Tex shell jackets that are perfect for the coming season.

2 years ago

From Goldwin, Japan’s leading outdoor brand, which incorporates the know-how cultivated in winter sports, a new collection that adopts Gore-Tex has appeared. Excellent waterproof and breathable features and widespread functionality help to change your wardrobe from Winter to Spring.

Seamless outerwear that boasts high waterproof and breathable properties.

GORE-TEX Act City Jacket ¥60500

The GORE-TEX Act City Jacket is a comfortable, supple and lightweight outwear that uses GORE-TEX PACLITE PLUS technology incorporated into a loose-fitting urban design that is easy to use. Dot adhesive processing is applied to the back of the fabric to improve breathability. It can be stored in the attached staff sack and has excellent portability.

GORE-TEX All Weather Coat ¥93500

The 3-layer fabric of GORE-TEX PRODUCTS, which boasts overwhelming waterproof and breathable properties, also makes this a great coat for business. The hood has a built-in hood specification that can be stored in the collar. If you use it together with the draw-cord at the hem, you can arrange the silhouette to your preference. Thanks to the multiple pockets, the storage capacity is also excellent.

GORE-TEX Fly Air Jacket ¥77000

The three-layer structure of GORE-TEX PRODUCTS is capable of handling the harsh conditions of snowy mountains up to 3000m class. The flying squirrel-shaped pattern with wide width and sleeve width makes it easy to raise your arms. The zipper under the sleeve has three sliders, which can be used in various ways depending on the situation.

This is a lineup that skillfully uses the high-tech material Gore-Tex to comfortably handle everything from urban life to full-scale mountain climbing. If you adjust the inner, you can wear it regardless of the environment, so we are sure that you can get a lot of wear time from it. It can be an indispensable companion for future camping and fishing trips.