Sophisticated functional wear from Daiwa Pier 39, bespoke to Journal Standard in a jet black color.

1 year ago

JOURNAL STANDARD have bespoke ordered 2 types of new jacket from DAIWA PIER39. The color fits in perfectly with urban lifestyles as well as its minimalist functionality, which will attract a lot of attention from admirers.

The base models for this bespoke collection is the “Tech Field Jacket” (pictured above, ¥ 49500), which is an updated version of the field jacket with materials and detailed functionality, and the modern redesign of the classic cap shoulder jacket the “Tech West Side Cap Shoulder” (pictured below, ¥ 49500).

By changing it to an all black coloring, it will match a wide range of everyday wear. It’s suitable to be used with a mid layer when it’s still cold, and as a single outerwear in early spring, so it’s easy to match with the coming season.

It will be on sale at 12:00 on Saturday, January 29th at each JOURNAL STANDARD store and the official online store. Check out this limited collection of sophisticated outerwear that connects winter and spring in the city.