Beams Lights limited classic Rugby shirt from Barbarian with a daring Henley neck design.

2 years ago

BEAMS LIGHTS with the theme of travel has made a bespoke order from the prestigious brand BARBARIAN, which boasts the largest market share of Rugby jerseys in North America. The authentic Rugby shirt, which is a classic of American casual wear, has been boldly re-imagined to appeal to modern trends and tastes.

The classic border shirt now with a Henley neck design.

Bespoke Henley Neck Rugby Shirt ¥ 12100

A Barbarian classic rugby shirt made from heavyweight cotton with a thick and rugged texture is re-imagined with a Henley neck. The balance and color scheme of the border is also original, making it a unique piece that is not currently available in their in house collections. The moderate looseness of the original size developed in Canada only adjusting the length is very modern.

Near the right cuff, there is the Barbarian label that is synonymous with Rugby shirts.

An overwhelmingly tough Henley neck Rugby shirt that ages and grows with you as you wear it. It goes well with outdoor styles and can be worn for 3 seasons so you won’t regret adding it to your wardrobe. Release is scheduled for early February. If you want to make sure you get it, make a reservation at the official BEAMS online shop.