Gore-Tex + high insulation + an electric heating pad. Phenix’s 70th anniversary jacket is amazing.

10 months ago

The new Phenix restarted in earnest from the 2022 SS season. Since its birth in Japan in 1952, it has been a driving force in the winter scene as a ski wear brand, such as introducing nylon, which was the latest material at that time, into ski wear before anyone else. To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the brand’s founding, Phenix has announced a special jacket that strives for the ultimate warmth.


Phenix’s “F70 URBAN EXPLORER JACKET” is a new generation of jacket that pursues the ultimate warmth by combining various materials and technologies.

GORE-TEX INFINIUM fabrics with high wind resistance and excellent breathability are used for the outer material. Inside, in addition to the batting, the highly heat-insulating material “Aerogel”, which is lightweight, breathable, flexible, and durable, and is also used in space suits, is incorporated. In addition, an electric heating pad is mounted on the back. By connecting to a mobile battery, it is possible to control the temperature in three stages of 35 ° C / 45 ° C / 55 ° C.

Although it has a simple design, it has high-performance specifications that make use of the technical capabilities cultivated in ski wear, and it also adopts a hood that can be worn over a helmet as well as a ventilation system with the same specifications as ski wear. The jacket is designed so that it is just as suitable for use everyday in the city as it is during winter sports.

Pre-orders are available on the online site until March 31, 2022 (Thursday). From February 7th to March 31st, you can try on sample products at the “+ phenix GINZA SIX store”.

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