Fumito Ganryu x Dickies. A rock and work collaboration collection made from the classic T / C twill fabric.

2 years ago

In the 1920s, the prestigious brand “Dickies”, which began by making high-quality work clothes for workers in America, and is now synonymous with work brands.

Recently, bespoke models have been announced by a number of brands, including BEAMS that incorporate elements of cargo pants, and this season Dickies collaborations are attracting a lot of attention. The collaborative collection with the fashion brand “FUMITO GANRYU” by Mr. Fumito Maru has become a hot topic.

Innovative Dickies with the style of Fumito Ganryu.

The lineup includes Riders jackets made from Dickies’ classic T / C twill fabric, Fumito Ganryu signature work shirts, and Sarrouel pants.

Dickies classic Eisenhower jacket / All-in-one motif for riders. Using Dickies original T / C twill fabric, you can wear it in an all-in-one style by setting it up with Sarrouel pants / tapered pants. Double jacket ¥ 39600

Like the riders, Fumito Ganryu’s classic sarrouel pants use the original T / C twill. Sarrouel chino pants ¥ 27500

Like Sarrouel pants, Dickies original T / C twill is used for Fumito Ganryu’s classic tapered pants. Tapered chino pants ¥ 24200

A shirt made from the thin T / C twill material used for work shirts and pleated on the back, which is the signature style of Fumito Ganryu. Pleated work shirt ¥ 23100

Work pants made from the thin T / C twill material used for work shirts. Light OZ work pants ¥ 24200


A lineup of all-white limited edition colors.

Double jacket ¥39600

Sarrouel chino pants ¥27500

The number of items available but also the abundant color variations are great, and for the Riders jacket and Sarrouel pants, limited colors only available at the FUMITO GANRYU official online store are also available. The 2nd model, which is made in all white, has a sophisticated design that also shows hints of modesty.

This collaboration collection makes full use of the famous materials that Dickies, which represents workwear, is well known for. The collection has been sublimated into rock and street-like wear that is synonymous with Fumito Ganryu. Some items and colors are already sold out online, so be sure to buy them as soon as possible.