Vintage style all in ones that pay high attention to detail.

1 year ago

Military and work-wear has seen a resurgence in popularity with the rise of the used clothing market. Original pieces are also appearing from many different brands in response to the market demand, not limited to used clothing, so we would like to introduce two models that are attracting attention this season.

First is an all-in-one that is inspired by vintage flight suits from the popular collaboration between the prestigious outdoor military brand “Wild Things” and “77 Circa”, which develops original clothing that reconstructs old used clothes. And second is from the brand “Blue Blue”, who are known for their indigo dying, a pair of French work style overalls. As military and work styles are becoming more common why not try out these two new models that have a greater sense of originality.

WILD THINGS × 77circa

Separate K-2B ¥52800

This is the first all-in-one from Wild Things. With reference to the vintage K-2B, this is a unique new model with a separate zip on the body. Both the top and bottom can be separated and worn seperately.



Serge French Work Overalls ¥25300

This is a pair of French work overalls made from serge materials used in military uniforms and suits. Details such as a double zip design that is convenient for adding things and a pocket for a mask on the back side are also important points.