A sophisticated and highly functional pullover that is windproof but breathable is here from another stellar collaboration from Captain Sunshine x Goldwin,

1 year ago

Various layers to maintain versatility in different situations.

Starting with skiing, GOLDWIN is a brand with a long history who produces many different items for the outdoors, and KAPTAIN SUNSHINE makes clothes that are perfect for travel. The 7th collaboration item between the two will now be released. It is an indispensable pullover for spring, achieving excellent lightness with high-performance materials.

Wind Shield Pullover ¥25300

They have adopted PERTEX’s QUANTUM AIR, which is soft and overwhelmingly light, and has both the contradictory functions of windproof and ventilation. By using thermo-compression bonding, the weight is further reduced, and the wind shell is ideal for being easy to move, comfortable to wear, and tough. Water repellency and portability that can withstand light rain are also key points.

It’s very thin and light, so it’s compact even if you don’t wear it and it is easy to store in a bag.

Kaptain Sunshine is the reason why the versatile design can be used not only as a jacket but also as a shirt or top. From February 5th, it will be on sale at the KAPTAIN SUNSHINE official web store and some brick and mortar stores, the GOLDWIN official web store and directly managed stores, so don’t miss out!