The North Face’s classic duffle bag has been upgraded with disaster prevention specifications available in limited quantities now!

1 year ago

The North Face Standard is a division of THE NORTH FACE that produces products that combine function and design with total coordination for users who enjoy outdoor style even when in the city.

From The North Face’s popular Standard line that also develops items with minimal designs that can’t be seen in their normal lineup, a new limited model has been released. The North Face Standard has made it possible to use the brand’s staple classic the “Base Camp Duffle” as a disaster prevention bag.

STD Duffel 42 ¥22000

The Base Camp Duffle was first born in 1986 for the purpose of “carrying gear”. A limited edition of the long-selling model that has been used by many people on numerous expeditions, with the theme of “emergency” has been released. It is a new size spec (42L) that can store gear that is might be necessary in the event of a disaster while still maintaining its minimalistic design.

The color of the mesh pocket inside, which is convenient for sorting out items, has been changed to orange, making it easy to put things in and take them out even in the event of a power outage or poor visibility at night.

There is now a daisy chain on the outside of the bag to which a carabiner can be attached, and the shoulder harness’ are stitched or taped with reflectors everywhere to ensure visibility of the bag at night.

The logo on the side has been changed to the “THE NORTH FACE STANDARD” logo, and a matte reflector has been adopted.

This is a special model that adds the essence of preparation for natural disasters, which is indispensable in modern life, based on a long standing classic that has excellent water resistance, durability, and convenience for storage, which is also used on many expeditions. The sales method will be on a lottery basis only, and applications are being accepted for this special lottery application site from 12:00 on February 3rd (Thursday).

At the same time as the launch of the duffel bag, THE NORTH FACE STANDARD stores (Harajuku, Futakotamagawa, Kyoto, Hiroshima) will be holding a collection based on the theme of preparing for natural disasters, which is indispensable for daily life, on February 2022. It will be available in stores from 3rd (Thursday) to 8th March 2022 (Tuesday).

Various items that are supposed to be needed in the event of a disaster are packaged in the “STD BC Duffel 42” set manufactured for disaster prevention. The carefully curated items include many of the gears that we ourselves actually use and those that we have newly searched for according to the disaster prevention concept so make sure to check it out! (It is not a set product with the bag, but a product sold separately).


[Store Information]

・ THE NORTH FACE STANDARD — Instagram: @tnf_standard / Tel: 03-5464-2831

・ THE NORTH FACE STANDARD FUTAKOTAMAGAWA — Instagram: @tnf_standard_futakotanagawa / Tel: 03-6432-7631

THE NORTH FACE STANDARD KYOTO — Instagram: @tnf_standard_kyoto / Tel: 075-221-0222

・ THE NORTH FACE STANDARD HOROSHIMA — Instagram: @tnf_standard_hiroshima / Tel: 082-545-5505

* During the period, sample exhibits will be held at the above stores of the “STD Duffel 42”, but general sales will not be available at the stores. In addition, please note that they cannot accept information on arrivals other than lottery sales.