The new classic style yacht parka from Blue Blue is made of high-density cotton that is rain and windproof.

8 months ago

Blue Blue is an original brand from Hollywood Ranch Market, which has a reputation for its unique design, which appropriates US culture according to the Japanese market. We take a look at their newest jacket based on the keywords of work, marine and military.

Ventile Yacht Parka ¥ 35200

As the name may suggest the material used is Ventile Cloth, which is made of 100% cotton but is woven with the highest density to achieve excellent water repellency. Even during strong wind, you will not feel cold because the high density fibres create a barrier.

The base model used is a yacht parka with a simple design. It features a loose silhouette that can be layered with inner down and knit wear so that it can be worn even in cold weather.

The chest pockets are made at a slight angle for easy access. Since they are flap pockets with buttons, the contents will not fall out even during exercise.

In addition to the buttons featuring a logo engraved on the flap pocket, the yacht style eyelets are incorporated into the hood. The level of detail that is synonymous with Blue Blue is evident from the pockets.

This is an authentic Yacht Parka that uses a high-density military-derived material. It has a timeless design that will not be affected by fashion trends, and can be used outdoor and for everyday life regardless of the environment.