Another excellent collaboration from Snow Peak x TonedTrout will be realized this season too! 10 different urban mountain stream fishing items are here.

1 year ago

Snow Peak, whose brand name is derived from the famous peak, Mt. Tanigawa. And the new fishing apparel brand “TONED TROUT” by Masakazu Fukuyama who is a professional fisher based at Mt. Tanigawa. Their annual collaboration has arrived again this year. For the 2022 collaboration, they will release 10 items that combine functionality corresponding to mountain stream fishing and designs that can be used in town too, such as the classic fishing vest.

In this collaboration as well, which is based on Snow Peak’s products, they have added numerous designs and functions that are useful for mountain stream fishing that is synonymous with TonedTrout. From outerwear to vests to titanium mugs that are perfect for coffee time in mountain streams, they have a wide variety of new items.

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「Flexible Guide Vest」¥29700

The “Flexible Guide Vest” has reconstructed the pocket arrangement and silhouette of the fishing vests of the past with a unique modern interpretation. The pocket fabric uses a coating material from Swiss textile maker “Reclosed”, and in addition to high water repellency, it has added the function of reducing damage caused by sharp objects such as needles.

In addition, the length and width can be adjusted to any fit according to the body shape and amount of luggage with independent yoke parts and adjustable systems on both sides. It is available in two colors, black and olive.

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「Fishing Shell Jacket」¥59400

The “Fishing Shell Jacket” uses a reclosed 2.5-layer material as the main material. It is a self-recovery material with a special polyurethane coating that naturally closes in a few seconds even if there is a hole due to tension etc., and it also has a moisture permeable and waterproof function, so it will be very useful for mountain stream fishing.

The chest features a double pocket that can be accessed from above and from the side, and can store a large lure box. It is available in black only.

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT「Cargo Shorts」¥19800

Next is “Cargo Shorts”, which uses a reclosed coating material as the main material, is comfortable while wading thanks to having features such as a drainage hole at the bottom of the pocket and a full back mesh specification that reduces sticking when wet. In addition to the zipper pockets on both sides, there is also a pocket with a gusset so you can store a large lure box. It is available in black only

In addition, there is a T-shirt that uses a water-absorbent quick-drying material, a hat using a reclosed coating material, and a cap with a removable awning cloth, and high functionality using a hybrid material of Mino Japanese paper thread and superhydrophobic polyester. The lineup also includes socks and titanium mugs with original graphics with the yamame trout as the motif.

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT 「Yamame L/S T shirt」 ¥7480

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT 「Mt.Tanigawa S/S T shirt」 ¥6380

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT 「Rain hat」 ¥10120

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT 「Sun Guard Cap」 ¥6380

「Washi Hybrid Socks Middle」 ¥3300/「Washi Hybrid Socks Short」 ¥2970

Snow Peak × TONEDTROUT 「Ti Single 450 Wall Cup TT」 ¥3850

The collection will be released on February 25, 2022. The official Snow Peak online store is already accepting reservations, and from February 14th, reservations will be accepted at Snow Peak’s directly managed stores nationwide.