Who is F/CE?

4 years ago

Who is F/CE?

Since being founded in 2010, F/CE has gained popularity through their creation of highly functional products, in particular bags. For each collection they choose one country to focus on as the theme and incorporate the unique style and culture from the local culture and lifestyle mixed with high functionality to create exciting new products.


F/CE has styling that matches your travel destination and pushes individuality.

Black items are easy to match and style with any color combination and are ideal for travel and/or business trips. An all black coordination is made much cooler with F/CE’s cultured aesthetic.

Every season they release a down jacket in collaboration with Nanga which is always very popular. The design is very refined and matches the one-tone style despite it being a functional garment.

F/CE’s elegant design and stylish silhouette is also perfectly suitable for street styling as in the photo. This is clothing you can rely upon as part of an active daily life.


A concept shop with ROOT as its core theme.

ROOT GARMENTS & GENERAL SUPPLY is located in the centre of Daikanyama. They carry not only the full collection of F/CE but also select general goods from designer Yamane, including Stanley bottles.



4-5 Sagarakucho, Shibuya, Tokyo J&H Bld. 1F


In addition to the exclusive collaboration with domestic down maker Nanga, F/CE have a wide array of unique and functional products to compliment any urban or outdoor lifestyle. If you are interested make sure to check out their head store to truly experience this masterful brand.

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