Who is GO HEMP?

4 years ago

Who is GO HEMP?

GO HEMP debuted in 1994 as a hemp line for the denim brand GO WEST. Developed under the main theme of ‘ART OF HEMP’ it is famous for being the first brand in Japan to focus on the eco-friendly material hemp. Valuing comfort and functional beauty, GO HEMP has a well established reputation for producing quality garments that can handle both city life and the outdoors.


Hemp’s texture softens casual styling.

GO HEMP’s latest look features a deep indigo color. The outer was designed from the basis of a traditional Japanese short coat and then infused extra modern design impact.

The texture of hemp is entirely unique and has a luxurious feel, paired with a modern street style graphic. Many of the items have an eye-catching appeal for city living.

All of the items in GO HEMP’s collection use hemp. Although often simple the added appeal of this materials unique texture gives the brand a unique presence.


GO HEMP’s Antenna Shop.

This store stocks not only Go Hemp but also other Go West products. A relaxing space built around the foundation of a patchwork wall made with materials from an old house and hemp based products laid out. There is also a gallery space where artists of various different genres can hold solo exhibitions.


■JUZU”art of hemp”

1-17-1 Nishi Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo 1F-B


Go Hemp have a wide and varied product line up, from items suitable to the outdoors or more casual wear, they all utilize the high breathability and moisture permeability of hemp. Once you have worn your first product the appeal of hemp as a fabric is undeniable.

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