Goldwin’s eco-friendly high-performance clothing uses natural plant dyeing, recycled nylon and a water repellent finish.

1 year ago

Goldwin has a reputation for high-spec outdoors wear that incorporates the know-how cultivated in winter sports. GOLDWIN’s unique product is designed by adding functionality such as water repellent treatment to the ecological material of plant-derived natural dye and recycled nylon.

Goldwin’s “Natural Dye” is a product series in which 100% cotton-like recycled nylon fabric is dyed using natural dyes made from discarded plants. There are five dyes: onion yellow made from onions, clay beige & khaki green made from olives, light indigo using, and black made from bamboo charcoal. Although it is based on a recycled synthetic fiber material that is difficult to dye with natural dyes, they have achieved a natural color dye completely organically.

The lineup includes a packable spring coat and windbreaker, a foldable 5-panel cap, and 3 items that are convenient to carry. The fabric is also water repellent, so all of the items are great for early spring trips outdoors.

Goldwin「Mobility Packable Coat(Clay Beige)」¥33000

The “Mobility Packable Coat” is a spring coat with a loosely fitting size and a slightly A-line silhouette. The hood is removable, and when removed, it becomes a stand collar. You can put the removed hood in the zipper pocket on the right side, as well as packing the main body inside making it very storable and portable.

Goldwin「Mobility Packable Jacket(light Indigo)」¥27500

The “Mobility Packable Jacket” is a windbreaker with a slightly loose silhouette. It is also a pocketable specification that allows you to store the main body in the long zipper pocket on the right side.

Goldwin「Nature Dye 5-panel Cap(Khaki Green)」¥6500

The “Nature Dye 5-panel Cap” is a simple 5-panel cap with the same element style embroidery on the front. The brim is soft, so you can make it compact and put it in your outer pocket. The cap is only available in three colors: black, khaki green, and clay beige.