Excellent vintage outdoor collaboration between US brands Battenwear and Post O’ Alls.

1 year ago

“Battenwear”, is a brand based on outdoor activities and surfing, while “POST O’ALLS”, celebrates the charm of vintage clothing. They have collaborated to mark the 10th anniversary of the former. The finished product that features aging unique to brands made in the USA is irresistible!

A vintage look is added to a great outdoors design.

SWEETBEAR W/HOOD by post oʼ alls ¥58300

Battenwear’s hoody jacket has been re-imagined using 60/40 cloth that is synonymous with vintage outdoors wear. Small details that also add a vintage flavor such as the modified pocket for storing pocket watches, the brass buttons and the chin strap are excellent. The fabric will also age well over time.

NEW MAKER SHORTS by post oʼ alls ¥29700

The denim shorts, which are a shorter length than the standard Post O’ Alls model, are light and comfortable to wear, so they are easy to use not only in town but also outdoors. These jackets and pants from some of the USA’s top outdoor brands are sure to stand out this spring and summer!