Kaimen’s “vegetable sweatshirt” with a college-style print.

11 months ago

College style logo sweatshirts have gained tremendous popularity in the city, whether new or from second hand vintage shops. “KAIMEN”, which develops modern agricultural wear and accessories, has created new items that are familiar not only with American casual wear but also with IVY and preppy styles.

This is an item inspired by the agricultural work that director Mr Shogo, who is also active as a model, does at the same time as his main business.

Zucchini Vegetable Sweat ¥12430

As the model name suggests, “Zucchini” is printed on the front, even though it is a American college-style piece that is a mixture of gray and vivid yellow. A reverse weave manufacturing method is used to prevent shrinkage by using ribs on the sides.

Broccoli Vegetable Sweat ¥12430

Like the item name suggests, this is also a print color with broccoli as the image source. The design printed in green stands out because it is on a navy base.

By reading the QR code on the on the inside of the sweaters you can learn more about vegetables from the point of view of farmers.

In Japan, zucchini is in season in early summer, and as for broccoli it is highly nutritious as well as being delicious. This is a very Kaimen-like product that connects the distant worlds of fashion and vegetables, great for those who are particular about the clothes they wear and the food they eat.