Who is Devadurga?

4 years ago

Who is Devadurga?

Utilizing 1300 years of Japanese craftsmen skill including muddy dyeing and indigo dyeing, Devadurga from Amami Oshima creates unique outdoor wear. With a unique form of expression that can’t be found anywhere else, outdoor enthusiasts everywhere are getting excited.


Everyday styles that harmoniously blend with nature.

Sweatshirts and bags are emblazoned with the brand concept of ISLAND LIFE. You can picture the idyllic lifestyle enjoyed on Amami Oshima.

This was taken at Yunoshima camp hosted by Devadurga. There are also items for kids and the brand seems very popular with many families.

The MODS MOUNT JACKET which we touched on briefly earlier is the first item where you can enjoy the rich expression of mud dyeing. Wearing it really makes you melt into the nature aesthetic of Amami Oshima.


Welcomed by individualistic staff at Devadurga’s head shop.

This is the head shop for Devadurga where Amami Oshima’s beautiful nature can be viewed in the background. The staff includes Mr Shimazaki, a designer who is also a climber. The staff are all pure outdoors enthusiasts with playful personalities that will serve you incredibly well.



Naze Izubecho, Amamo City, Kagoshima Prefecture11-7


Based on the classic outdoor style of the 70s and 80s, Devadurga adds the essence of Amami Oshima and its beautiful nature. Wearing this brands items will not only attract attention at camping and festival events but will also bring your closer to nature.

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