A new spring color watch has been added to the collaboration line up from Hobo x Citizen.  

1 year ago

“CITIZEN”, is a globally recognized watch brand from Japan, and “Hobo”, creates practical items that offer something different and unique. A new color will be added to the collaboration model lineup that the two brands have been developing since last year. The clean design is great for wearing in a wide range of scenes and is easy to match with different types of outfits which is also great.

Clean and natural design that can be worn in many ways.


The ECO DRIVE WATCH, which has been sold overseas for over 15 years, has been updated to a minimalist and versatile design. The dial is finished in matte white, in contrast with the black color released last year, and has a style that is both casual and business-friendly.


In addition, Hobo’s original band pad also fits perfectly with this collaboration model. Originally, it was used by Air Force pilots used to prevent metal burns due to the watch case heating up in the cockpit where the temperature changes drastically. But it also adds an interesting accent when wearing casually and helps to protect the metal case.

You can decorate your favorite wristwatch with the band pad. Because it is high quality leather, you can enjoy the aging associated with leather products.

Both the collaboration watch and the original leather band pad will be released on Saturday, March 19th. It will be on sale at Vendor Nakameguro and Vendor Nagoya, Hobo dealers, and COVER CHORD. A perfect match between simple and sturdy but with spring freshness, this model is great for wearing during outdoors activities. A perfect partner for the new season!

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