The third Columbia PFG x BEAMS collaboration is a chic multi-storage tailored jacket with a black watch pattern.

2 years ago

The fishing wear line “Performance Fishing Gear” from Portland, commonly known as “PFG”, and the prestigious select shop BEAMS have achieved their third collaboration. It is a must-see collection based on items from their classic archives.

Easy-to-use pockets and materials perfect for summer.

This time, 3 types of jacket, pants and T-shirt are planned. A model that Colombia first developed in the ’90s is the design base of the jackets and pants, and especially the pocket work is full of individuality. Both are made of thin nylon with a durable water-repellent DWR treatment, and it is light and comfortable to wear.

Jacket ¥29700

Similar to the previous time, this bespoke jacket is based on the “Logriver Jacket” that was developed in the 90’s, and has a durable water-repellent DWR treatment, and uses a thin lightweight nylon material for comfort and functionality. By combining a wide silhouette with plenty of space and a black watch pattern, it has a stylish finish that is easy to wear even in the city.

Pants ¥20900

The pants are based on the “Mckenzie Parka” and are also highly functional by using the same fabric as the jacket. With more versatile pockets than regular cargo pants, they boast a large storage capacity that means you do not require a bag. As with the jacket, there are two color variations, the black watch and beige, which can be worn with the jacket as a setup.

T-shirt ¥6490

The T-shirt is backed by a new design with a 90’s graphic motif. Because it uses a sweat-absorbing and quick-drying material, it is useful not only at the waterside in midsummer but also in various active scenarios. The original color for this bespoke collection as well as the PFG Logo featured on all items helps to give this collection a special feeling.

This is a lineup that appeals to many different people even if you are not an angler, combining the Colombian technology cultivated outdoors and the sense of BEAMS that continues to lead the Japanese fashion scene. It will be on sale at each BEAMS store from Saturday, March 26, 2022. If you want to make the most of your outdoors summer activities we highly recommend you check this out.