A new spring lineup of modern Japanese “hanten” outerwear from Sowbow that is cotton-free!

1 year ago

“SOWBOW” is derived from a phrase among common people, from the idea of “not for someone special, but for something that is close to people’s daily lives.” This new light outerwear is a gem that has been reconstructed from traditional Japanese winter clothing and re-designed to be worn in a modern and comfortable way.

A modern update of classic items produced by a long-established Hanten store.


In Japan, it was customary to remove cotton from the winter mokomoko hanten on April 1st of the lunar calendar and customize it for spring and summer, so April 1st is read as “watanuki”. “WATANUKI” HANTEN literally means a hanten with the cotton removed. The key point is that it is designed to be oversized and reversible to match current trends.

The body is manufactured by Miyata Orimono, a long-established Hanten store that has been in business since 1913, in Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture. The vaguely floating woven pattern creates simple warmth that is perfectly suited to relaxing at a camp site. Of course, it will also be useful as daily wear for the coming season.

■SOWBOW www.sowbow.jp